Liquid Storage Systems


Using modern technology, MIC liquid storage systems are available for almost any application. Our innovative and cost-effective liquid storage systems meet wide area of needs from personal use to commercial applications.
Every tank build and sold with a strong factory warranty and we are keenly aware how vital your satisfaction is to our continued success.
Contact us not to let the experienced team at MIC help you select a product that suits your needs today and for the future.
Ekotank® produces various liquid storage solutions ranging from 300 liters to 2.662.000 liters and have a unique position in the Liquid Storage Market. 
- Serving commercial, industrial, government organizations, NGOs, armed forces and end consumer.
- Ekotank® is the only company to offer such a wide assortment of storage solutions under a single 
- Currently, Ekotank® serves its customers in 4 continents and exports to an excess of 47 countries 
- Raw Water Tank
- Sea Water Tank
- Portable Water Tank
- Chemical Tank
- Waste Water Tank
- Fuel Tank
- Demineralized Water Tank
- Fire Water Tank
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