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As early pioneers of LED Solutions in Qatar, we can cater to all the challenges faced by our consumers.


From design, to installation and maintenance and with suppliers from all around the world, we provide you with the most appropriate LED solutions for your project.


Not only can we handle indoor and outdoor lighting, but we also specialize in illuminating sporting venues and large area.


With up to 5 years warranty and a full ROI analysis on all projects, we are your ideal choice for any LED project.


Our LED section is engineered to provide integrated solutions for LED Lighting i.e. 


-Indoor Lighting

-Facade Lighting

-Street Lighting

-Garden Lighting

-LED Screen

-Tunnel Lighting

-Under Water Lighting

-Sports Field Lighting


We are one of the pioneers in LED lighting in Qatar. We had gone a long way with learning and educating clients and consultants on LED benefit design Criteria. 


We have also learned in the past 7 years of operation the right suppliers and how to overcome the local condition like heat, humidity, dust…etc.


Our experience in both technical and local condition, coupled with selecting the right supplier to the project in hand makes us unique.


 We are not tied up or represent a company but will find the best solution for the project. We have the experience for both new installation and retrofit the existing light system e.g. (Replacement of existing lamps to LED Lights)


We are confident on our design & installation capabilities and we are providing after sales services for our customer. Depend on the unit & the project we are able to give our customer 3-5 years guarantee for our installations.


Lighting Range


We have wide range of LED Lights, e.g.


-Down Light   -Spot Light   -Strip Light

-Pendant Light   -Track Light   -Garden Light

-Street Light   -Solar Panel  -Emergency Light

-LED Screen   -Tunnel Light   -Under Water Light


Sport Field Lighting 


• Football Fields

• Basketball Fields

• Cricket Fields 


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We are available to you at any time. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on the contact form below or call us on the numbers below.


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